Fitness and Exercise Professionals

Anyone working in the fitness, leisure or spa industry from reception staff to managers, education of multicentre gyms, NHS or community clinical exercise physiologists

Why would I take a CanRehab course?

As the evidence builds on the effectiveness of cancer specific community-based programmes presurgery, during treatment and post treatment, Clinical Commissioning Groups are looking to fund programs with a clear referral pathway from the health setting to the community. Indeed, the CanRehab Specialist Instructor course has helped many health professionals understand the relevant skills that the CanRehab fitness instructors gain and therefore enabled them to confidently refer their patients to community-based programmes supervised by cancer exercise experts. Some of the CanRehab graduates now work in NHS settings as key team players in cancer prehabiitation or rehabilitation cancer programmes.

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What courses do we offer to fitness and exercise professionals?

CanRehab Cancer Exercise Specialist Course

Our flagship course is the award winning CanRehab Specialist Exercise Instructor Course. We have trained over 1000 students to provide safe, effective and individualised programmes to clients/ patients at any stage of their cancer journey.

This comprehensive training is endorsed by CIMSPA and currently delivered live online over 6 days with a robust assessment at the end to test the students’ knowledge and application. We are privileged to have a tutor team that are all highly skilled specialists in their relevant areas of exercise and oncology. This course is endorsed by CIMSPA with 10 CPD Points.

There are prerequisite conditions of entry to this course, so click link below to see if you are eligible to apply.

CanRehab Cancer Confidence Course

Commercial and council leisure centre staff can benefit from in house training to become “cancer friendly” by attending the Cancer Confidence course. This CIMSPA endorsed course is designed to provide information and skills to all client facing staff, so they can advise any client with cancer whether it is safe to start or continue with their proposed exercise or treatment. The trained staff will be equipped with sufficient knowledge and communication skills to ensure that the client is safe to continue with their proposed exercise programme. Equally important, participants on this course will learn when they are NOT appropriately trained to work with particular cancer patients and when they need to contact a CanRehab qualified specialist exercise instructor for advice and/or should refer clients to the appropriate health professional.

Find out more here about this course structure and learning outcomes


The need to stay up to date with the latest evidence on safety and guidelines in exercise oncology is important in this rapidly changing field. Thus, Revalidation for those students that gained their certificate with the Canrehab Specialist Instructor Course OR CanRehab Physiotherapy Course more than 3 years are required to undertake this update. Revalidation is also essential to be on the CanRehab Trust Register. This course has 10 CPD Points awarded by CIMSPA

Continuing Professional Development CPD Modules and updates

Soon to be launched, a library of online learning modules on speciality areas of interest. Some of these will be free and others will carry a nominal fee to access.

CanRehab Membership

The CanRehab Membership will be launched soon and have benefits will include:

  • Discounted CPD
  • Discounted revalidation
  • CanRehab App
  • Support network closed discussion forum
  • Monthly E-bulltein/interview/webinar
  • Discounted One day workshop/study day
  • CanRehab Conference discount
  • Discounted Branded goods