Our Vision

Our aims and goals

Mission statement

Our overall mission is to enable as many individuals as possible internationally, to confidently support and improve the lives of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis by providing accurate, current, evidence-based safe expert advice and training on exercise and cancer rehabilitation.

Our Vision

To grow CanRehab into a world-leading provider of all training and programmes for cancer survivors, interested in improving their lifestyle – with an international presence providing multi-lingual support particularly in developing countries. We are committed to building an international team of advisors and tutors, linking and utilising e-health platforms and cutting-edge technologies, to ensure that everyone living with cancer has the support they need. Our products will range from training courses to CanRehab endorsed products generating profits to support our charitable arm CanRehab Trust. This envision is that this charity will be well-funded and sustainable, ensuring that people living with cancer are supported to become or stay active to a safe level suitable and acceptable for them.

CanRehab Trust

Many people contact CanRehab through this website hoping we can provide them with a way to contact a qualified cancer exercise specialist to help them or a loved on to stay active. As our mission is to help people with cancer by providing exercise oncology training, the CanRehab Trust was founded by Professor Anna Campbell MBE in 2020 with the aim of matching people who have had a cancer diagnosis with an appropriate registered cancer exercise qualified instructor who can provide them with either on-line or face to face individualised support.