Cancer Pathway Coordinators

Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Survivors For Allied Health Professionals.

What can CanRehab Offer?

If your requirement is for a specially commissioned course, we may be able to tailor it to your needs. Based on our experience to date we are able to adapt these training courses to meet the needs of our clients.

This covers the following areas, with a mixture of lectures, discussions and practical work:

  • Current guidelines and contra-indications for exercise prescription with different cancer groups and assessment tools for evaluating success of intervention
  • Fitness assessments, exercise to movement, circuits, muscle strengthening and relaxation exercises ‚Äď including contra-indications and exercises to avoid
  • Exercise motivation and behaviour change. Changing lifestyle behaviour after cancer diagnosis
  • What is needed in your workplace to make a physical activity programme as part of cancer care? Resources, staffing and training.

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