CanRehab Trust

Helping people manage the side effects of cancer or treatment and improve their quality of life.


Join our amazing CanRehab Trust Dream Team at a world-class training facility in Lanzarote for a week of fitness and fun. From February 29th to March 7th 2024, Professor Anna Campbell (leading UK expert in physical activity and cancer), Oncology Physio Kerry Archer, Oncology Physio Gemma Harris and CanRehab Personal Trainer Steph Stills will be hosting a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, with a wide range of sports and activities to try – all with expert guidance tailored to you.

Information and costs are explained in the document below.

For more information, or to secure your place please contact Gemma at; or 01483 962218

What is CanRehab Trust?

In 2020 Professor Anna Campbell set up CanRehab Trust to provide support for people living with and beyond cancer in UK to become or stay active.   The aim of this charity is to help people manage the side effects of cancer or treatment and improve their quality of life.

The Charity is developing a register of approved personal trainers and health professionals qualified to provide tailored exercise programmes for people living with cancer.  CanRehab Trust matches individuals who may require a physical activity programme to an instructor who can provide a number of exercise sessions that are tailored to the person’s needs based on their diagnosis and general health, stage of treatment and previous exercise experience.

Supporting people who have had a cancer diagnosis 

The Charity has started out by supporting the Safefit trial.   SafeFit was a research trial designed to support anyone in the UK with suspicion of, or confirmed diagnosis of cancer, aged 18 or over to be active.  

Creating a register of qualified instructors

If you are a health and fitness instructor, and wish to join the CanRehab Trust Register you must have either:

  • CanRehab Level 4 cancer exercise qualification within last three years, or revalidated
  • Or equivalent cancer exercise qualification plus CanRehab validation certificate
  • CanRehab Physio qualification

If you are interested in joining the register please email

Fundraising to support more people with a cancer diagnosis

Visit the CanRehab trust site to find out more.