New article by Professor Campbell for Physio First

October 3, 2022

Advances in cancer detection and treatment have resulted in a steady increase in the number of people surviving cancer in the UK. By 2040, more than five million people may be living with acute, chronic or late-appearing consequences of cancer and its treatments. There is a high prevalence of unmet rehabilitation needs in the cancer population, yet many of these side effects, e.g. pain, fatigue, limited range of movement, lymphoedema and peripheral neuropathy, can be effectively treated with physiotherapy. The development of skilled rehabilitation physiotherapists in private practice is essential for providing high-quality cancer rehabilitation.

Professor Campbell was invited to write an article for InTouch, the magazine for members of Physio First. Physio First is a specialist professional network, representing self-employed physiotherapists working in the independent sector.

The article, titled “Working with cancer patients during prehabilitation, rehabilitation and with specific cancer treatment related side effects” can be downloaded below.

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