Posted: March 29, 2024

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The Specialist Instructor qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation in will teach you to design, agree and adapt a physical activity programme to aide cancer rehabilitation for your clients or patients living with cancer or beyond a cancer diagnosis. The knowledge you will gain by completing the CanRehab Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Award will enable you to confidently and professionally deliver exercise classes and individual exercise sessions to your clients living with cancer.

CanRehab is a specialist training company delivering only Cancer specific courses. It has been devised and written by Professor Anna Campbell MBE (CanRehab director), who specialises in researching the role of exercise in cancer survivorship and is considered a national expert in this field.

This course delivered as synchronous online teaching.

The course is now 6 days from 9.30am to 3.30pm of synchronous teaching (ie with tutor present) ensuring a high standard of education. In the days in between teaching you will have a little bit of work to do, which would take approximately 1 hour. You will be provided with a manual and access to the CanRehab Learner’s portal to be used alongside the taught module to enhance self-study.

You will be taught by a variety of experts in this field – each contributing their specialist knowledge to the course.

An online assessment day is scheduled approximately 4 weeks after the final teaching block, and a further case study on a real client should be submitted 4 weeks after that. You will also be required to complete approximately 100 hours of independent study for this assessment.

To fully interact in this course delivered live online, you should have access to stable internet connection and be reasonably competent with working with online documents and have ZOOM installed. You are expected to attend every session and interact with the group.

The CanRehab team was the first U.K. training provider to be able to offer a Qualification in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation. It is now delivering this course and other courses internationally.

In the past it was assumed that the best advice to give anyone diagnosed with cancer was to rest as much as possible. However, research has shown that too much rest may result in loss of stamina, muscle tone and bone strength. As with other long-­term conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it is time to provide cancer rehabilitation as part of a cancer care package and make a policy shift towards recommending physical activity during and after cancer treatment.

CanRehab believe there is a growing awareness among many health professionals that by prescribing exercise to patients living with cancer they can not only reduce the side effects of cancer treatment but can also reduce the risk of the cancer recurring. CanRehab believes that it is vitally important that clients and patients are given the correct advice by professionally trained specialists who are able to design and adapt a physical activity programme for each individual which will aide their recovery.With this qualification, you may also be able to increase and expand your job opportunities within the healthcare system and through exercise referral schemes as more health professionals include exercise as part of a cancer care package for patients both during and after cancer treatment.

The Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation qualification will teach you to design, agree and adapt a physical activity programme to aide cancer rehabilitation for your clients or patients living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis. On success completion of this qualification you will learn:

  • Design of safe, effective and individualised programmes adapted to your patient/client using relevant principles of training
  • Delivery of planned activities with your patient/client (and carer if appropriate), predetermined in the referral and assessment process
  • Provision of an on-going system of monitoring and assessing your client in order to ensure activity goals are met and/or adapt them according to clients evolving needs and abilities
  • Provision of an on-going system of monitoring and assessing the risk of continuing an exercise session / programme
  • Competency in being able to communicate and consult with your patients/clients with sensitivity and empathy on issues to do with their physical activity programme and progress
  • Aptitude in modifying programme for your patients/clients with common co-morbidities and treatment side effects
  • Provision of support for your patient/client in a way which will motivate and promote sustained change in physical activity levels whether within a structured exercise programme or elsewhere
  • Ability to design programmes which enable your patients/clients to take part in unsupervised exercise.
  • Competency in the monitoring of your patient/client’s progress against agreed goals and adapting the programme accordingly

Those welcome to apply to register for this course are:

  • Fitness professional with at least a Level 3 personal trainer qualification, and preferably the Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification. In Ireland REPs members who wish to register this award require to have EQF L5 Exercise for Health Specialist qualification.
  • Health professionals and academics with specialist interest in exercise and cancer rehabilitation e.g. Physios.
  • Students with or currently studying a clinical exercise degree or similar degree programme that have had assessed their competency in practical instruction at level 2 of gym instructor.
  • Occasionally those involved in running rehabilitation services but not involved with delivering exercise advice or programs find it useful to attend as it gives them significant background information. They would not be advised to deliver exercise programmes without further fitness qualifications, and their certificate will outline this.

Please ensure your insurance is sufficient to practice.

If you are unsure that you meet the requirements listed above please email us on:

In order to be awarded the CanRehab Cancer and Exercise qualification, you are required to pass all parts of the assessment. This comprises of:

  • A written paper
  • A Viva (spoken) assessment
  • Case study submission

The written paper and practical assessment will be scheduled approximately four weeks after the course ends. The case study submission date is approximately 8 weeks after the last teaching date.

Health professionals and those not delivering and designing execrise programmes are not obliged to sit the assessment unless they are keen to become cancer exercise practitioners. They will not gain however any certification at the end of the teaching days if they have not passed the assessment. A letter of attendance can be issued to provide evidence of this CPD to their professional or regulatory body.

This written exam consists of two components and should be attempted without notes or books:
1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
2. Short Answer Questions (SAQ)

Multiple Choice Questions:

You will be given 30 questions each with 4 options for answers, of which, only one is correct. Select the letter corresponding to the correct answer.

The 30 MCQ questions are in sections pertaining to the course as it was taught.

Short Answer Questions:

There are six questions and you must pick only FOUR out of the six to answer. You must answer or attempt to answer at least 4 questions. Each question is worth 20 marks.