On February 12th 2023, Yes to Life, the UK’s integrative cancer care charity, will be hosting what promises to be a thrilling live exploration of a fresh perspective on the mechanisms of cancer. Following eight years of intensive study and research, Mark Lintern will be introducing himself and giving a detailed explanation of his ideas that present a coherent view of carcinogenesis, and have the potential to explain all ten of Hanahan and Weinberg’s hallmarks, as well as to enable an understanding of a further twenty hitherto unexplained features of the disease.

If you are a cancer specialist, you will be well aware of the potential implications of this for both treatment and prevention. But any claimed new thinking about such a thoroughly well-researched disease must be able to stand up to intense scientific scrutiny, and that is precisely what the content of this event will constitute. Three expert panels – of cancer scientists, cancer clinicians and expert patients – will have ample opportunity to question every facet of the thinking, as well as to register their confidence in it, and suggest how we might take things forward.

The Esteemed Panellists:
To ensure a thorough evaluation of these new proposals, we are delighted to welcome these leading thinkers in the field of cancer to our panels:
Scientists: • Prof Paul Davies  • Dr Ahmed El-Sakka • Dr Robert Gatenby PhD MD • Prof Michael Lisanti MD-PhD FRSA FRSB FRSC
Clinicians: • Dr Sean Devlin DO MD(H) HMD MS • Dr Nasha Winters ND FABNO • Dr Penny Kechagioglou MBBS (Honours), MRCP, CCT (Clin Onc), MPH, MBA Clinical Oncologist Expert Patients: • Jane McLelland • Daniel Stanciu • Mark Sean Taylor

“For over 2 decades we have evolved our Hallmarks of Cancer and yet still fall short of our understanding of and treatment for this shapeshifting disease. Mark Lintern’s observations add another piece to the puzzle, taking us another step closer to characterizing this as a disease of the terrain versus of the genetics and helps us change course to a more hopeful future in cancer care and prevention.” Dr Nasha Winter ND FABNO

The event is for cancer specialists only and will be free to attend. Places are limited and can be obtained by application. These applications will be screened to ensure the audience is made up entirely of cancer specialists, for example:

• Oncologists

• Integrative doctors

• Oncology nutritionists

• Specialist exercise trainers

• Other specialised lifestyle practitioners

• Functional Medicine practitioners specialising in cancer

• Cancer scientists and researchers

• Science writers

This highly specialised audience will also be able to participate in questioning and registering their level of confidence in the soundness of the ideas being presented.
This is a moment not to be missed! The event will be held online on Sunday 12th February 2023 from 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST, 07:00 PST, 16:00 CET) until 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST, 12:00 PST, 21:00 CET)

To apply for a ticket, simply click the link below and tell us about yourself and why you want to attend. As mentioned above, places are limited and we are also screening for the most relevant audience – so please be aware that you may not be successful in securing a place. But we will respond to all applications, so you will know one way or the other.

Apply for your free place at the event >

As the first week of 2023 comes to an end, it is a great time to look forward to our plans for this year and look back on everything we achieved in 2022. From a new webinar series, meeting Joe Wicks, and lots of travel, it was very busy and we are so grateful to everyone who joined us along the way.

Some highlights included:

Successfully running 7 online live courses

In 2020 we (like many businesses) had to work hard to adapt our courses to be delivered in away that was safe and accessible, while maintaining our high standards of excellence. Since then, we have found this format has allowed us to reach more and more exercise professionals and physiotherapists. We are now proud to deliver courses that are conscious of the different commitments our students have, by delivering courses on the weekend and avoiding school holidays.

This year we delivered 7 courses as part of our new annual schedule, which allows us to provide dates with ample time to plan ahead. Our upcoming courses are filling up fast – the first CanRehab Physiotherapy course begins on the 13th of May and there are very few spots remaining, so if you’d like to join head to our courses page. The first CanRehab Specialist Instructor Course begins at the end of this month (20th Jan), so if you are thinking about starting the new year off well, why not enrol today.

Our first live webinar, attended by 500 people worldwide!

We were excited to launch our free webinar series in October, which saw 500 people log in from all over the world to listen to Prof Anna Campbell and Prof Kristen Campbell discuss “tailoring exercise intensity and volume during chemotherapy for breast cancer – what we know and what we don’t”.

The feedback we received for this was fantastic, and we were very grateful that many of our attendees reached out to us to share their opinions:

This was so valuable. Thank you so much for all of the efforts and expertise shared through this webinar!

“Really useful, many thanks. I look forward to more.”

Meeting Joe Wicks, and using his platform to spread our message

At the beginning of August, Professor Campbell took part in “PE with Joe” at Scone Palace and was delighted to meet Joe who was very enthusiastic about the work CanRehab is doing.

Joe is a genuinely lovely person and so passionate about getting everyone active. By kindly promoting CanRehab training company he is helping us to support all fitness instructors and physios to be confident prescribing exercise to cancer patients.

He was kind enough to share a video to his 4.5 million followers, which you can view on our Instagram!

CanRehab went global

Professor Campbell travelled far and wide with CanRehab in 2022, sharing her work and CanRehab’s goals in Brighton, San Diego, the Scottish Parliament, Sheffield, Copenhagen and Lanzarote. We wrote a travel blog detailing her journey, with some fantastic video updates too.

This Year –

We are looking forward to our upcoming courses, as well as some new projects that we will be sharing with you in due course. As we continue our live webinar series and strengthen our connections across the pond, there’s lots to be excited about and we are ready for another great year.

Thank you to all of The CanRehab Team for your continued work – there are so many people who contribute their time, expertise, and knowledge and we are very grateful. Our tutors, admin team, software designers, social media assistants, international colleagues, directors, web designers and many more – here is to a wonderful 2023!