CanRehab Bespoke Training

Training solutions can be commissioned to train several staff in one location with with emphasis your learning outcomes. Contact to discuss your requirements.

Case study

CanRehab was asked to present to a wide variety of clinical staff in a busy district general hospital. The aim was to present the evidence of the benefits of exercise to anyone diagnosed with cancer and to look at how to put this evidence into practice. 

The workshop was ran over one day and included clinical and ward nurses, allied health professionals, doctors and even HR management. As team they learned through lectures and group work about:

  • Learn and understand the principles and guidelines of exercise prescription for cancer┬ásurvivors.
  • Learn and understand the evidence of the benefits of exercise during, and after cancer┬átreatment.
  • Learn and understand the assessment tools for evaluating success of an exercise intervention.
  • Increase knowledge of contra-indications to exercise following a cancer diagnosis.
  • Understand the principles, types and application of fitness assessments.
  • Understand the principles of exercise motivation and facilitating health behaviour change.
  • Improve awareness of implementing a cancer rehabilitation programme in your area.

Feedback on completion was very positive, with engagement from staff across all clinical departments. In fact, further training was undertaken by an attendee to become CanRehab Specialist Instructor in Cancer and Exercise!